Hacking in Parallel ////

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A part of our chaotic decentralized intergalactic community will be meeting in the rooms of "ETI Schauspielschule Berlin" at Hacking in Parallel//// this year.

The ETI, 900m away from the bcc, is directly at the Spree, in Rungestr.20, 10179 Berlin, just above c-base. HiP is organized by AfRA, Bits & Trees, xHain, Milliways, freeside, openStudio, CCCB, c-base and other chaos-related entities and communities, in cooperation with Digitale Gesellschaft.

Why? Because we want to! We want to meet again, exchange ideas and have fun, in presence and in compliance with a self-imposed obligation to wear a FFP2 mask inside "ETI Acting School Berlin". In addition, we assume that you can credibly assure us that you are vaccinated or recovered, no personal data will be stored.

Together with the c-base (hall H) we have up to 3 stages and several rooms with space for workshops, assemblies/projects and your ideas. All talks on the stages can be recorded and streamed via media.ccc. We are looking forward to your submission.

We also need and welcome support during HiP. For our ACC "Angel Coordination Center" we have on the 5th floor, on the roof, a nice big room with terrace and view over Berlin available as Heaven. Just register in our Angel Coordination Center.

Regular Tickets cost 79.-€, are valid for all 4 days of the event and can be clicced here.


ETI Schauspielschule

Rungestraße 20
10179 Berlin